SMART - Sustainable management of offshore groundwater resources

SMART - A new frontier in offshore aquifer research

SMART is a new international and interdisciplinary project that aims to develop a best practice guide examining if and how offshore groundwater aquifers may be used sustainably to relieve water scarcity for coastal communities around the world. 

SMART is one of three projects chosen during the first selection phase for Helmholtz European Partnering: New impetus for the Europen research area. The project is jointly lead by scientists from GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the University of Malta.


Sustainability - Can offshore aquifers alleviate water stress for coastal communities?


        Photo: Bradley Weymer/GEOMAR

New technologies - Linking offshore and onshore methods across the coastal zone

Photos: Bradley Weymer/GEOMAR

GEOMAR and the University of Malta assisting countries worldwide